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Today I miss my friends. I miss my best friends, there are few in this world who truly and honestly get me, who I can be completely honest with and that still like me. And none of those people live here. And I am bad a staying in touch. I'm horrible at the phone, okay at text and mediocre at email.

So here I am, by myself in my silent house on a Saturday night, feeling sorry for myself because all I really want is to have one of my bestest, closest, oldest friends sitting here with me, sharing wine, stories and bitching.

And I have some friends. People here who I like. Some who may, over time, start to get me. But for now, they are new friends. And it's different.

I need a hug.

I need a shoulder, a hand, a look that will make me laugh and remind me that there are people in this world who care about me.

Because right now, in my silent house, it is hard to remember that those people are out there. Somewhere. All over the world.

So, my lifers. My friends till the end. I love you. I miss you everyday but especially today.


  1. I get you. and i miss you. hugs

  2. xo Sara
    I wish you were with me on my weekend. I could of used you wiping up floors, faces and back rubbing. So even though you were lonely you weren't me. See